How Gold4Excalibur Works
(the process for buying gold for Excalibur TBC 2.4.3 WoW)

Before our website was launched, the most common way to obtain more gold was through the use of forums and random blogs. These ways are risky because they will usually require from you to be the first one to send in the payment as a friend, which in turn can lead to a scam, without any chance of getting your money back.

With us, things are different. You are offered protection from Paypal in case we fail to deliver the gold within a day / 24 hour time-frame as per our Refund Policy. Additionaly, you are safe with us due to our strict gold stocking methodology and we never spam in-game.

1) Select the amount of gold you want to buy from our home-page

2) Insert the required details (character name, e-mail address and faction)

3) Complete the payment through Paypal's website.

4) That's all that is needed from your side. If you want the gold to be delivered using the Auction House or Face2Face, just e-mail us. Otherwise we will simply mail it to you - don't worry, that's 100% safe process when done from our side.

Important Note: We record and take screenshots of the gold transfer process. These files are used for our internal reference, or they may be used by us if you wrongfully dispute the payment.

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