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Available Gold Packages for Excalibur WoW

The Excalibur WoW gold price was last updated today, 07th June 2023 (EU Time). Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde.

5000 Gold
$9.25 USD

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7500 Gold
$13.87 USD

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10000 Gold
$18.50 USD

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15000 Gold
$27.75 USD

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20000 Gold
$37.00 USD

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30000 Gold
$55.50 USD

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40000 Gold
$74.90 USD

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50000 Gold
$92.50 USD

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75000 Gold
$138.75 USD

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100000 Gold
$185.00 USD

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Update 23rd February 2021:
With WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 on the horizon, players will be looking to buy WoW Classic gold. It is a good time to stock up enough and be prepared for the exciting new content. If you are looking to delve in Amazon's New World MMO, visit our Gold4Vanilla section where you can purchase Coins for New World MMO.

Update 23th July 2020:
Atlantiss is releasing a new TBC WoW Server called Karazhan, highly anticipated. You can buy Gold Atlantiss - from our partner site Gold4Vanilla.

Minor Update 5th December 2019:
1000g for Excalibur now costs $1.85!
In addition, we added a huge number of available WoW Classic accounts on Gold4Vanilla. If you wish to move from Excalibur to another solid TBC realm, check our Atlantiss: Netherwing Accounts Shop.

Major Update 7th June 2018:
We have finally decided to lower our prices after nine months. 1000g for Excalibur now costs €1.59 down from €1.95! Enjoy the discounts!
We apologize for delaying updates to the website as we were busy with Sunwell TBC Gold development. Our price will now be updated daily.

Excalibur WoW - is a free private 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade WoW realm, existing for several years. It has a solid, active population, with x2 XP & money rates. The server's premium shop recently disallowed buying gold, so we launched Gold4Excalibur to offer our services to people who demand more gold than they can actually acquire on the server.

Gold4Excalibur FAQ - common question answers

1. How fast will the delivery happen?

- Striving for a super fast, smooth delivery. Once we receive the order, we immediately forward it to our in-game delivery members who will deliver the gold to you within minutes, if you / they are online.

2. Is the pricing relevant?

- If you consider that the server is TBC WoW (the first expansion), it's x2 money-rates and the recent prohibition for obtaining gold from the server's premium shop, the pricing is more than relevant.

3. Excalibur gold trades, are they safe?

- Absolutely. We usually deliver the gold through the ingame mail system, but we can also deliver face2face or via the auction-house. We have developed super-secure methods for stocking up the gold we sell.

4. Refund Policy, do you have any?

- We strive to deliver super fast to you, but it may happen that we are AFK due to offline activities. If we fail to deliver you the gold within 1 day (24 hours), just send us an email requesting your refund -

What our customers have to say:

30000 trade in 10 minutes

Cole James jamko***** (15th May '18)

All good and convenient, bought 30000 gold, they were traded to me in just 10 minutes...

Superfast delivery

Bjorn Gogate bjornko***** (26th August '17)

By the time i reloged ingame the gold was already waiting for me... thx

Got the gold as stated

Damian Postrowski postroo***** (15th May '17)

Made multiple purchases by mistake, got the gold as stated by the Gold4Excalibur team.

Other Payment Method Accepted

Seth Wengenroth sethique1***** (2nd April '17)

The support team was helpful and showed me a way to pay them using Skrill instead of Paypal. I am buying 10000 gold from Gold4Excalibur every second day or so!

Swift transaction

Wilson Korriku willy***** (13th February '17)

Thank you for the swift transaction

10.000 coins in a hour

Anders Granger budiz***** (6th January '17)

Purchased 10.000 coins, they came through in a hour

All gold received

Florian Anello anaes***** (9th November '16)

Thank you, all of the gold i purchased was received shotly after my payment was sent.

20k for quick advance

Elizabeth Malane malanez***** (21th September '16)

I hate the gearing up part of the high end gameplay. Bought 20k to advance quickly.

10000g in mailbox

Matthew Lussier matt.luss***** (15th August '16)

Everything went great. Shortly upon my purchase, i got the gold in my mailbox

Always 30K packages :P

Quincy Westerhouse westica***** (1st July '16)

The Gold4Excalibur team is always available to service me with their 30K packages :P

Lots of golds!

Nicolas Beacham nicko**** (21th May '16)

x2 XP rates are fine but still slow, having lots of golds hastens things for sure

Thumbs Up! 10k in 5 mins

Albert Solster alberto**** (10th March '16)

Thumbs up! Got the 10k package i ordered in 5 mins

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